Maria Caterina Capurro is a Licensed NLP™ Coach and a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™ by Richard Bandler and by the Society of NLP, the international body for NLP licensing and training standards. She is a Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (CfPAC), and a licensed Clean Language Coach by the Clean Coaching Centre. She holds the ILM Certification in Assessor Skills and studied Assessment and Development Centre Design with CEB SHL. She holds DiSC Accreditation and she is Facet5 Accredited practitioner. She is a Certified GENOS Master Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence tools, and she is My Brain Certified Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience for People Development. She is a licensed trainer in Situational Leadership II by Blanchard Int. She holds degrees in Political Science and Psychology. She founded, and was the inaugural Chair of the Association for Coaching (AC) in Italy, where she built and led a team committed to promoting standards of excellence in coaching across Italy.

She wrote two books, "Il Potere della Routine. Uno strumento per il successo." (2009) on NLP tools to enhance performance, and "Il Clean Coaching." (2012), the first e-book on clean coaching to be issued in Italy.

Together with over 100 of the world's leading career experts, coaches and trainers, she co-authored the book "101 Great Ways To Compete in Today’s Job Market" (2013).

She is an Associate of PeopleSmart (France) as Senior Consultant and Coach, and an Associate of Acuity Coaching (UK) and SpeakFirst (UK) as Executive Coach and Trainer. Her main assignments are in the domains of: executive coaching, leadership coaching, performance coaching, team coaching, training and training design, development centre design and assessment. Her representative client roles are: CPO, CFO, CMO, CHRO, Director, Middle manager, Line manager, High potential, Entrepreneur. Her mission is to facilitate leaders, teams, and individuals to maximize their performance and results by means of an integrated set of coaching tools and through a tailor-made process suiting their specific needs.


Her motto: “If you can’t be a sun, be a star. Be the best of whatever you are.”
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